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Wordpress SEO and Blog Marketing
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Blog marketing is a very important tool for any budding business in today’s world. Blogs help businesses to promote themselves online more efficiently making it possible for them to reach the market to the maximum. Though it is essential to have a great blog with a good content but it is not sufficient. Every blog needs a good volume of traffic to stay on top. Wordpress is such a blogging platform which offers the best SEO friendly services hence the chance of your website visibility is much higher than any other platform available.

Wordpress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very powerful tool to improve the blog marketing activities. It helps to make your blog searchable in the primary engines such as Google or Yahoo. It is important for every website to get a good exposure in the search engine ranking. SEO generates lean and fast loading code that search engines can easily crawl and index. As using keywords and phrases in the URL is much more attractive to the readers and search engine spiders hence you can alter the structure of permalinks that is URL and add keywords to the posts you make which helps to improve your ranking further. Every time a website is crawled by the search engine, a new content is searched and the natural ranking of the site increases with very little effort.

Wordpress comes with self ping feature that is whenever the blog is updated this feature sends ping to different search engines and directories automatically and calls the search engines like Google to visit your site and crawl your new content. Generating all these things manually will take a lot of time and can be risky too. There are many other built in tools also available to make any blog more searchable. If you want to enjoy a top spot among regular posting websites Wordpress SEO will give you quick results for sure.

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