3 Ways To Protect Your WordPress Blog By C&C InfoTech

WordPress is easy to set up as most hosts have a one click install (although I prefer to do it manually but that is a topic for another day) so people can get up and running with very little technical knowledge. You can do it quickly.

All of that being said there are a number of cretins out there that just love to exploit things because they can. Taking a few minutes to protect your blog can save you grief and at the worst allow you to recover if one of those cretins decides to visit.

Here are 3 ways to get started protecting your blog.

* Use good passwords
* Change admin user
* Backup data base

The default user is admin when you install a blog direct. This will be changing in version 3.0 where you will be able to use your own user name and password as you currently use. Create another user with administrator privileges and delete the default admin user. The second step is to use a solid password. When you install a blog direct WordPress creates a solid password using a variety of letters, numbers and symbols.